6 sleeping habit that can ruin your skin


6 Sleeping habit that can ruin your skin

Sleeping is very essential for  your health, likewise your skin. There are some things we  need to avoid to have a quality sleep and good skin.  Here are the things we need to avoid.


Sleeping with makeup :  Most of you in the corporate world are very guilty of sleeping with makeup, especially when you are back from work and feel very tired.Sleeping with makeup is very bad, it tends to make your skin look rough, irritated and dry.

Lack of skincare routine: Ensure that when you are back from work you practice skin care routine instead of going to bed that way. Leaving your skin bare only makes it more susceptible to dust particles and other pollutants that can easily enter into your pores. Try to have your bath before you come back to have a sound sleep and unnecessary damages from the skin. Also you can use a skin care product to rejuvenate your skin

Sleeping without a head bonnet:  Most people sleep without  a bonnet or prevent using a scarf to tie their hair. When you sleep without a bonnet, you tend to expose your hair to dust particles and prevent your hair strands from stretching.

Skipping retinol before bedtime: Retinols are a very important ingredient for any anti-aging skincare routine. They help increase  and brighten the skin  by improving its tone and texture. 

Not choosing the right bed spread: Most of you use  Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester which are very rough on the skin. It is advisable to use breathable materials like Silk and satin which  allows the skin to glide smoothly . This aids to reduce breakouts and minimizes the risk of collagen which can weaken skin leading to wrinkles

Not washing pillowcases and sheets regularly: Ensure you wash your bed sheet  and pillow case regularly so as to prevent dead cells,dirt and other bacterial that can deter your skin

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