6 Style hacks for every woman



There are some life hacks every woman needs to  know in the corporate world.Most women lack the ability to buy their corporate wear from the right store, blend their colour appropriately and also don’t opt for the right wear. In this article I will be sharing the 6 style hacks you should know in the corporate world. 


Know the outfit you need : Ensure that before going to buy your corporate wear,know the wear you need to opt for. When getting the outfit, ask yourself the following, if the dresses are of utmost importance, if the cloth blends with your personality, if it is going to make your appearance distinct and  if you have something to blend with it. If your answer is yes, then go ahead to get the wears.  

Buy your wears in the right store: When getting an outfit, go to the right store to buy it.  Your outfit should say a lot about who you are, it should be appealing and attractive. it should be appropriate for your age, status, and peculiarities of your body.  Also go for  a quality material that will make you look chic and elegant.When making your list of your favorites, pay attention to your designs, colours that work best for you.This will save you lots of time and energy.

Combine wears with the latest trends: In corporate fashion, always  combine your outfit with the latest trends. Timeless dresses are very essential to have in your wardrobe. Adding trends to your basics, makes your wardrobe look stylish and modern. Endeavour you have trendy pieces for every season that you can wear to the corporate world to make you look elegant and bold. 

Combine different styles with a stylish look: Blend different unique colours to give you a stylish look.  You can add some classic  details to your outfit like your accessory, this makes your outfit always distinct and also makes you look dynamic and attractive.

Wear a colour close to your face:  Avoid wearing a colour that doesn’t suit close to your face , if not this can deter your whole appearance.  Endeavour the colour you wear accentuate your skin and draw attention.  It is very essential to know your colour  and blend them well with your outfit. 

Have a concept : The best way to have a total look concept is to combine different dresses of the same shade, this will make you look unique in the corporate world. You can also blend unique  colours  and other accessories  to your outfit to give it a befitting look. 

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