7 hack to grow healthy hair


7 Hack to grow Healthy Hair

Are you worried that your hair doesn’t grow , if you are , worry no more because we got the right hack needed to grow your stunted  hair . Before I proceed to list the hacks for healthy hair, there are some factors that deter your hair growth, such includes Poor hair care,Malnutrition,Physical and emotional stresses,Hormonal imbalance  and Medical conditions.


Here are the hacks you need to know to grow the hair

Massage your scalp : To make your hair grow, you need to massage the scalp  with your finger , this helps to stimulate the blood flow and keep the hair moist. You can also add coconut oil to strengthen the root of the scalp and  enhance the growth of the hair.

Eat rich meals: Eat balanced meals that are rich in protein like fish, eggs and beans, that will keep your hair to grow.  Also your food should contain antioxidants, which promote the hair to grow faster. Fats and oils are also an important part of your diet because they help dissolve vitamins thereby making them easily absorbed in the body. 

Avoid brushing your hair often:  It is advisable not to brush your hair too often. You can at least brush it for like 15 min and wait again still the next day. Also, for those who keep natural hair , it is advisable to comb  your hair with the right brush to prevent hair breakage. When you comb your hair forcefully, it  might result in your hair to pull out from the root. Endeavour  to use comb with the right tips to prevent your hair from tangling and uprooting. Also ensure you use a good hair cream for the hair.

Trim the hair : Ensure you trim your hair. If you can’t do it yourself, go to the salon. When you trim your hair, you prevent it from breakage and unhealthy splits that stop the hair from growing.  Regular trimming of the hair makes the hair grow longer and become balanced

Keep it moisturized: Always make sure you moisturize your hair, if you want it to be long and succulent.  If your hair is naturally dry you need to keep your hair very hydrated. You can use natural cream like aloe vera, honey, Shea butter, and olive oil , this helps stimulate hair growth.

Make use of conditioner:  Conditioner is very necessary to aid  hair growth. It makes the hair moist and soft. Most people only make use shampoo and fail to see the importance of conditioner on their hair. Conditioner, aids to seal the cuticle and makes the hair longer. It also helps to hydrate and create healthy hair. 

Plait your hair: When you lose your hair, endeavour to wash and plait the styles that will stimulate the hair growth.  Also be very careful not to do a very tight hair to prevent inflammation. 

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