7 Reasons why you need a mentor to succeed in the corporate world


7 Reasons why you need a Mentor to Succeed in the Corporate World

There are some reasons why you need a successful mentor in the corporate world. A mentor guides, encourages and prevents you from making mistakes in the future. Many people fail in their businesses because they lack a good mentor. Here are the reasons why you need a mentor


Experience: Your mentor has gained lots of experience in his business, so having one will be a great advantage. You will be able to gain lots of knowledge that will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes. Also there are some information you won’t get from a book , but you can get it from your successful mentor, who has passed through that face. Ensure you choose a mentor that is in related field or area with you.

Encouragement: Most people in the corporate world feel depressed about their business, but having a good mentor will encourage and set you back on track. A successful mentor gives positive advice on how to excel , succeed and overcome any obstacles. Those without a mentor might end up not being successful.

Improve quality skill:  A mentor helps to bring out the best in you and also add positive values by improving your skill. Mentors go beyond giving advice, instead they develop and take so much interest in your business. For instance, if you don’t understand something you can ask your mentor who will put you on the right path which can enable you become successful in future.

Vent on mentor: In the corporate world, you will need someone to express  your emotions about your business. Your mentor is the best person to vent on. Sometimes  your colleagues , partners or friends  might not proffer the appropriate solution to  your problem but your mentor can. That is why you need to have a good mentor to be successful.

Close relationship: Keeping a close relationship with your successful mentor goes a long way. When you have a long lasting relationship, your career will become successful in the future. This will also enable you to have the  necessary resources needed in your business.

Wise Decision: Having a good mentor will enable you to make wise decisions. This is so because your mentor has more experience than you.  Seeking advice from your mentor will enable you to make a good decision, which you  won’t  regret in the future.

Network: To become successful in the corporate world, networking is very essential. Your mentor can pave the way by connecting you with his contact persons, which can provide a quicker solution to your problem. Your contact can also be a breakthrough to your contract. For instance if you need a graphic designer urgently, your mentor can link you with his contact, which makes your job becomes easier. A successful mentor has various network of people who can benefit your career.

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