7 Ways to overcome enviousness in the corporate world



Most times, people in the corporate world feel envious about other people’s accomplishments like their skills, money, appearance, wealth e.t.c. Feeling envious for others add no positive value to our lives, that is while you need to break free from it.


Here are the steps to overcome enviousness in the corporate world.

Identify why you are jealous: You need to figure out the reason while you are being envious. Most times,  people that feel envious have low self esteem and inferiority complex. Identifying the root cause can help you tackle the envious feeling.  

Focus on the Good side of life: One of the reasons you become  envious  about  another person ,is because you feel they are better off than you. Focus on the good side of life, even though you don’t have everything you need. Remain thankful for the unique gift, skills and talents God has bestowed unto you. 

Avoid comparison: Don’t compare yourself to others,because you don’t understand the challenges they are facing.  There is no one on earth that doesn’t have trials, you might even be better off than the people you compare yourself too. When you feel you want to compare, restrain and resist yourself from doing it.  

Spend time with people who are grateful: Always spend time with  grateful people who are always satisfied with their lives. When you spend time with them you too will become more grateful in all you do . Also read books on gratitude to acquire more knowledge. Believe me those who have  a grateful heart  are always content with what they have.


Be happy for others :  Be genuinely happy for others’ achievements. When you are happy for others, you will be hopeful, satisfied and happy for yourself. Avoid viewing life as a competition, everyone has his/her own race. Even if what you desire is not coming and your friend got that same thing, be happy for them. 

Be generous:  Generosity is very essential to overcome enviousness in the corporate world.  Learn to give out, even though you don’t have money you can give other things like your time, talents, skills, support , prayer e.t.c


Avoid people who value wrong things: The more you spend time with people who leave extravagantly, the more you begin to compare your lives to theirs, which leads to enviousness. Have friends that don’t leave extravagant life , there are  more things to life than living extravagantly.  

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