8 type of blazers for women


8 Type of Blazers Every Woman  Should Own in the Corporate World


Every woman should have a blazer in their wardrobe. Blazers vary in different styles, colour and sizes. Here are some types of blazers women shouldn’t do without in the corporate world.

Single-breasted Blazer: The  single breasted blazer is a perfect choice for all women to have. This type of blazer is different from double breasted blazer because it has a raw edge and possesses two various halves which join the buttons together. 

Leather Blazer: Leather jackets and leather blazers are not at all the same. It has a very thin line of difference and leather blazers have a very formal approach while leather jackets could give you a ‘bike girl’ look. So, leather jackets are one target tick you need to strike for your wardrobe goals.

Coloured Blazer : Every woman should have a coloured blazer. This blazer varies in different colours like violet,  red and peach. Coloured blazers are very cool and lovely to wear in the corporate world. Wearing the right colour of blazers, makes you look an your appearance appealing and attractive. 

Tuxedo Blazer:This blazer is good to be worn in the corporate world. It comes in full or medium length and it usually looks like a dress. Wearing this type of blazers , makes one look classic and chic. For you to be pep , it is essential to have this blazer as part of your wardrobe items

Printed Blazer: The printed blazer  is best worn for sunny weather to the corporate world. This type of blazer makes you look classy and glamorous. The colour of the print blazer  to opt for is polka dots, fishnets or floral. Wearing this type of print, will bring vibrancy to your look.

Lace Blazer: This type of blazer is made from lace fabric, which is very  essential for you to have in your wardrobe. This Blazer became popular in European countries before people from other countries started to adopt them .  Apart from the warmth and classiness it brings, it is also very comfortable when worn.

Peplum Blazer:  This blazer comes in different styles, colours and sizes. This blazer is one of the modified styles, Because it comes with a unique way with  flounces that add a panache. The peplum blazers are not straight, but it has a peplum shaped curved on its bottom and that makes it look really pretty. 

Waterfall Blazer: This type of blazer varies in different styles, sizes and colour. The blazer  has a unique design which is very classic and attractive. The length is a little longer and flows like a waterfall. It is advisable to get one of these blazers to have a befitting look. 

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