9 Essential corporate wear for men


9 Essential Corporate Wear for Men to have in the Corporate World

Dressing corporately is very vital for men  in the corporate world. Here are the essentials corporate wear  for men to have. Having these essential wears enhances your look and makes your style distinct.


Suits: Men shouldn’t do without a grey,black and neutral colour suit in the  corporate world,. Wearing a suit makes you confident, bold, attractive and classic. Sometimes your shirt alone won’t make your physical appearance glamorous. Also ensure you opt out for your fitted suit and have a different suit and pair with the right shirt, shoe, tie and other wears.

Blazers: Apart from suits you also need to have blazers to wear in the corporate world. You can pair your blazers with the right shirt , tie and trousers. The best option of blazers to opt out for is a navy, neutral  and grey colour. Wearing a blazer, gives you all the warmth you ever need and makes your look appealing and cool. 

Tie: To dress corporately, you need a tie, without a tie your dressing won’t be incomplete. Choosing the right tie to match with your outfit is very essential. To choose the right tie,go for a darker tie that is subtle with your shirt and matches it. Also ensure you have different ties ranging from pattern to plain.

Shoe: In the corporate world shoes are very paramount. Imagine going to work without putting on a shoe. This will make you absurd and might reduce the level of confidence that you have.Ensure you have different shoes and rotate it to prevent it from spoiling. Also when you want to get a shoe ensure you get a quality shoe like loafers, black oxford, monk strap shoe and also make sure it  blends well with your outfit. 

Belt: Belt is also one of the corporate wear men need to have. Belt helps to tighten the trouser to prevent it from falling, when lost. When wearing a belt, endeavour you wear the right colour of belt and ensure it matches with your shoe to give you a befitting look.Belts are an add on-piece that can enhance your clothing choice and give you a more complete look

Socks: Even though your socks are the least thing you wear, it is also very essential wear you shouldn’t do without in the corporate world. If you don’t wear socks , when going to work your dressing is incomplete. Wearing socks that match with your outfit, bring comfort and add some swags to your appearance. Ensure that you have different colours of socks and also your socks should always match with your trousers.

Watch & cuff links and lapel: Apart from your outfit, this accessories makes you look very attractive, stylish and sleek.   It also compliments your clothes especially if you use the right ones and wear them the right way.  Watch, cuff links and lapel have their various qualities they perform with your dress.

Pants: Without trousers, your dressing is incomplete. Wear a fitted and trouser, that matches with your suit or blazer, shirt, socks and shoes.  Chinos or wool flannel trousers are best to be worn to the corporate world. You can opt for a dark ,black and charcoal colour of trouser, they are great for the corporate world.

Shirts: Shirt is one essential thing men shouldn’t do without in the corporate world. Shirts vary in different texture, colours, sizes, types and patterns. Shirt makes a man set for the corporate world, especially if combined with other outfits and accessories. Wearing a shirt, makes you look smart, cool and corporate. 

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