Best bag for women to rock in the corporate world


In the corporate world today, women can not do without a bag. Bags are used to store essential items like books, laptops, make up , phones and so much more. Bags vary in sizes and in different colours.  Our focus here will be on essential bags that are used in the corporate world

I will be sharing with you some types of bags that you can rock with your outfit to the corporate world

Everlane Day Market Tote : This bag is light, fashionable  and very durable.  It is also soft and possesses nylon material. It comes in different colours and prints which   you  can  store as your personal item. It has  a removable, zip-top pouch that you can use to store clothes or other personal items. You can choose any colour of your choice that blends with your outfit and suits your personality.

Celine Mini Luggage Handbag: This type of bag is a must have for every woman in the corporate world. It is sophisticated, simple , durable and cool. Most celebrities often make use of these bags. Also, this bag is very spacious and can contain your 13inch laptop and other items. In addition, this bag can spike up your outfit.

Dagne Dover Signature Tote : This type of bag makes life easier for women, it goes well with your smart outfit and blends well with your shoe. This bag varies in different colour and sizes. With this type of bag, your items are very safe.

Faux leather bag : This type of bag is very classic and durable.  It is big enough to contain a 15inch laptop and any items of your choice.  It varies in different colour like black, leopard ,taupe and ivory. The bag also comes with a detachable wristlet  which you can tuck cash, credit cards, or other little things.

Furla Large Tote Bag : This bag is a must have for all women who want to look chic.  it is very smooth and durable. Furla tote is compact but is also  spacious enough to contain  your things. The bag blends  well with your jewelry, outfit and shoe.  The sleek rectangular shape and neutral color allow the tote to seamlessly pair with any ensemble.

Back pack : The bag is very stylish, fairly light and comfortable to carry in the corporate world. It varies  in colours which  includes brow, navy, charcoal, and camel.

Aqua Pebbled Leather Tote : This type of bag is very simple and classic. It is spacious enough to contain your laptop and other items.  Every woman in the corporate world needs to get this bag, because of its intensity and can contain all items.  This bag is a perfect match , that blends with any outfit of your choice.

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