Health corporate benefit of eating dates

Health Corporate Benefit of Eating Dates 

There are so many health benefits of eating dates in the corporate world.  Dates are fruit which is usually grown on a palm tree in the tropical region of the world.  Date contains various forms of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and more. Below are the health corporate benefits of eating dates.

Nutritious: Date calorie content is higher than other fruit. Apart from calories, dates also  contain vitamin, mineral and fiber. Most of the calories in dates comes from carbs, the rest contain small amounts of protein.

High in antioxidant: Dates  have several health benefits in the body. It provides antioxidants which helps reduce the risk of diseases, it also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that protect the cell and prevent the body against harmful diseases such as cancer.

Improves bone health : Eating dates are very helpful for the bone. Dates are rich in selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium that help prevent our body from osteoporosis and makes the bone stronger.

Digestion:Date contains nutrients such as fiber that aids easy digestion. It also prevents symptoms of constipation and helps in the treatment of intestinal conditions such as hemorrhoids. This can be done by soaking a few dates inside water and chewing them daily.

Improves the skin: Apart from the vitamin C and D that is present in the body, date helps to prevent accumulation of melanin in the body and prevent the body from ageing when you add it to your diet.

Weight gain: Eating dates assist in weight gain. Also the nutrients, such as the sugar, protein and vitamins which are present assist the body to gain weight. If you incorporate dates with cucumber it keeps and maintains your weight at a normal level.

Aids to treat anemia: Dates contain a high level of anemia in the body. Patients with anemia are advised to consume dates because of the iron it contains. This iron helps to boost strength, energy and decreases fatigue or tiredness in the body. 

Add to Your Diet:  Dates  are delicious fruit and can be incorporated with various foods such as  porridge, cereals, nut butter and cheese.  Dates are usually added to a cookie, because of its sticky nature. Dates are also high in calories and they should be consumed in moderation.

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