How to Identify good quality clothing

How to identify good quality Clothing

Shopping for clothes quality cloth and fabrics can sometimes be overwhelming. Most times we can’t differentiate between good and low quality. In this article, you will get to identify quality clothing.

The fabric:  To purchase a quality cloth, you need to go for a natural fibers which is preferable than any other man made fiber.  Natural fiber is breathable and lasts longer . Unlike synthetic material that fades out easily when over washed. Sometimes, clothing can be made out of cheap fabrics, it is therefore advisable to check the label and go for the quality cloth. 

Check the texture : To identify a quality fabric, you will feel it from the texture. The fabric might be smooth, soft ,rough or brittle. But it is advisable to go for the cloth that has more fiber and the fabric that will make you feel good and classic when worn.

Transparency : To get a good fabric, go for the thick ones that have a higher thread count . Avoid going for the fabric that is very transparent, such clothes are usually of low quality. To confirm that the fabric is of high quality, you can test the material by placing it on your hand to view if you can see the colour. If you can’t, then it is of low quality.

Stitching:  It is very important to check the stitching of the garment before you buy it. If the stitches are even,it is of good quality.  Endeavor you check if the garment aligns together. You can do this by checking the side of the seam. Also check the button if they are properly sewed or sturdy.

Spares : A clothing that comes with a spare button or thread shows that the fabric is of good quality. If it was of low quality, a spare button or thread won’t be added. This spare thread and button are very good especially when your dress gets worn out. This way it becomes easy to amend with the spare button. 

Check where it is made: When you buy your cloth, it is very essential, you check where it is made from. Many manufacturers are so tactics with the labeling. it is important you check the label to see if the country is written there. If it is not, then  it was not made in a highly regarded country of craftsmanship.

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