How to identify quality leather material

How to Identify Quality Leather Material

Are you always sad that the leather material you use for the corporate world is of low quality? If yes! Check out some of the ways to identify a quality leather material

Be vigilant : When buying a quality leather be very vigilant. Sometimes there are some materials that are labeled as man made which is not an authentic leather. A genuine leather is made of animal skin and gets warm easily. 

Check Material: Ensure to check the surface grain for any pores . Atimes real leather might have scratches, wrinkles and creases. Imperfections, in leather, are actually a good thing. Remember, real leather is made from animal skin, and thus each piece is as random and unique as the animal it came from. Very regular, even, and similar grains often indicate a machine-made piece.

Go for full grain: If you are looking for a quality leather, go for a full grain. Full grain leather has a unique quality, it is very durable and tough in texture. People usually love to purchase this type of leather because of its high layer of skin, creases and colouring.

Smell the leather: If the leather has a neutral smell or musty, go for it, but if it has a plastic smell avoid purchasing it. If you are unsure about the smell ask for the synthetic leather material then compare the both leather. A quality leather also  has an unobstructed smell

Check out the edges:  Check the edges to know if it is made up of machine cut or strand. If it is made up of strands, then it is a quality leather which fray around the edges. But  if it is made from plastic it is a faux leather. Some manufacturers will want to sell faux to you because they look similar to the quality leather.

Water: To know if a leather is of high quality,  pour a drop of water on top of the surface, If the water absorbs it is of high quality, but if it puddles up on the surface it is fake leather.

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