How to prevent diabetes in the corporate world

How to Prevent Diabetes in the Corporate World

Diabetes can have a huge impact on people’s lives in the corporate world. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the  blood glucose or  blood sugar is  high. This blood glucose comes from the food we eat.Taking this simple steps will help prevent diabetes and give you a healthy lifestyle in the corporate world

Reduce the intake of sugar: Eating a high level of carbohydrate and consuming surgery food can lead to blood sugar and insulin levels which may result to diabetes. In the corporate world, you need to eat more fiber foods such as vegetables , oatmeal and whole grain rather than taking much bread, potatoes and others. 

Stop smoking : If you are addicted to smoking, you need to quit it now.Smoking is very  dangerous to the health and it has led to several diseases, which includes diabetes, heart diseases,and cancer of the lungs.Smoking also contribute to insulin resistance, which increases the level of diabetes

Exercise: Ensure you exercise regularly in order to prevent diabetes in the corporate world. Exercises like walking, jogging, dancing, swimming and others is advisable.  When you partake in an exercise , it increases the  insulin level in the body which reduces the sugar level.

Drink water : Intake of water is very vital to reduce the risks of diabetes in the corporate world. Instead of consuming beverages  like coke which result in diabetes, take more water, because it is a natural drink . Intake of water will control the blood sugar and insulin levels.

Sleep quality: To Prevent diabetes, ensure you have good quality sleep. Most times, diabetes is associated with a poor quality sleep. If you don’t sleep well, the body will change how the insulin is regulated.

Eat fiber: Increase your consumption of fiber. High levels of fiber are very helpful for the body. When you increase your intake of fiber, it helps to prevent and reduce the blood sugar and insulin level .

Food consumption: Eating too much food has been linked to the increase of blood sugar and insulin level, which increases the risks of diabetes. But when you eat a small portion of food, it will prevents and controls the insulin level.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is very essential for blood sugar level control. Food like fatty fish and liver oil which contains Vitamin D should be taken. Those who don’t get adequate vitamin D are prone to a high risk of diabetes.

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