Terms and Conditions for Brands

These terms and conditions is the terms of the contract between “YOU” (the brand) and “US” (CORPORATE WORLD WEAR). This supersedes all prior statements, understandings, whether oral or written in relation to the conditions of CORPORATE WORLD WEAR between the parties, any affiliates or subcontractors thereof. When you subscribe to our brand subscription packages, you accept our terms.

  1. Processing and Shipping (Order fulfillment) is to be done by brands. 
  2. Order fulfillment only carried out if brand specifies that. Goods to be delivered to our drop stations ready to be delivered to customers
  3. Brand has to comply with our delivery timelines for delivery and not exceed it.
  4. For items from brands that require custom touches or needs to be produced, an additional 3 days extension will be applied to all delivery timelines. 
  5. Brands are required to portray our values of quality, efficiency and style in their interactions. 
  6. After approval, a store is automatically created for brands and a page created for them. Brands do not need to register as a vendor on our website. They only need to register as a brand.
  7. Products should be at the same price offered by the brands or discounted prices to enable similarities in prices. 
  8. A commission of 10% (inclusive of transaction fees) would be taken for each brand products purchased from the website. A transfer fee is charged per weekly payment transfer made to vendors. VAT charge would also be applied to the commission.
  9. Money sold for brand products would be remitted to the brands account on a weekly basis. Every Thursday of the week.
  10. Brands can subscribe to our additional services for a paid fee and renew their membership yearly to continue accessing the benefits of the partnership else subscription plan reverts back to the free forever plan.
  11. Brand Subscription includes: no of products to be displayed per brands, storage, coupons & deals inclusions, product adverts, banner Adverts.
  12. Brands are also vendors on the website. This allows them operate their brand fully from the platform. They can upload products themselves and manage their store. We can fulfill their order if they request it. Click here to view vendor guidelines.