10 make up essentials for women in the corporate world


10 Make up essentials for every women in the corporate world

When going to the corporate world, it is very essential to have at least one of these make up.

Essential makeup to make you look chic in the corporate world.


Face primer: Face primer , is one of the essentials for woman to have. Face primer varies, depending on your type of skin. Face primer makes your skin look very smooth, fresh and appealing. It can be used to moisturize the skin and control aches on your body.

Eye shadow : Eye shadow comes in different colours, palettes and single.It is a finish product for the face and can be applied on the surface of the eye. It is preferable to blend eye shadow with the dress you want to wear to create attention.

Mascara : Mascara adds to your eye beauty, it comes in different colours and it is usually applied on the eyelashes. Black colours are usually preferable and  give you a natural look. 


Concealer: Concealer is very vital for every woman. Concealer helps to cover all sorts of acne and dark circles.Endeavor to use  a colour that blends with your skin to give you a natural look.

Foundation: Foundation is an essential makeup item for women. It varies in different colours depending on your skin type. It also comes in different sizes like large, medium and small. Majority of us don’t even know the colour of foundation to use. If you are buying it from a store, you can ask the person or a makeup artist for the colour that will blend well with your skin. You can also request for a sample before buying it.

Lipstick : It is very important to find a classic lipstick that will blend with your outfit or your appearance. Lipstick comes in various colours like blue, red, purple, black and others. When you use the right lipstick you will look chic and glamorous.


Eyeliner: Like mascara, eyeliner adds a little beauty to the eye. It also comes in liquid and pencil form. It also varies in different colours like black, dark gray and black. Eye liner can also be used to line the waterline if you want the eyelashes thicker.

Powder/Spray:This works very much like face primer; it helps to maintain your makeup from fading off. Your setting spray/ powder can absorb oil and moisturize your face. This is usually applied to the face after all the whole makeup.

Blush: When wearing a foundation, blush is very essential. It makes you have a cool appearance . It comes in powder, cream formulation and gel.  If you don’t use blush when you apply foundation, your face won’t be brighten .When choosing a blush color go for the ones that blend with your skin and give you a natural look. Avoid using excess blush, because it can make you look clownish. 


Eye Primer:  Eye Primer is very useful after applying your makeup. It helps to prevent the make up against warding off, fading and creasing .Eye primers are not only for those with oily skin, it can be used for every woman. Eye primers last longer and keep your makeup intact.

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