5 newbie fitness mistakes to avoid


5 Newbie Fitness Mistake to Avoid

Staying healthy, keeping  fit and participating in exercise is very key. As a newbie , there are some fitness mistakes you should  avoid. You need to stop these errors to prevent injury that might distort your health. 


Avoid Excessive exercise: As a newbie, you need to avoid doing excessive exercise to prevent injuries on your body . Getting healthy is not a sprint, that is why you should endeavour to at least do a workout three times a week rather than doing up to 6 times a week. Your muscles need time to rebuild, so take it easy and go at your own pace. 

Exercising without an aim: As a newbie, you need to have an aim or goal for exercising. Decide and tailor the fitness goals you aim at reaching. For  instance if you want to get fit, you will need to focus more on cardio workout like running, walking and cycling. Having a goal enables you to understand the reason behind your workout.

Using wrong technique: When doing an exercise, you need to know the right techniques to use. If you actively do it the right way, your muscle will be effective and the tendency of having injury will be minimized. For instance, as a newbie, if you want to lift heavy weight you need to seek advice and guidance from a qualified trainer to make sure you are doing the right techniques.

Always repeating the same exercise:  When you are working out, you will definitely notice that you love one particular exercise and you keep on doing it. This is one habit you should stop. You need to start mixing both the exercise you love and the ones you dislike. Doing the same exercise ,makes you have exactly the same muscles missing out on a full body workout experience.

Be patient: If you are a newbie, you need to be patient with yourself when doing an exercise. Sometimes you might feel you aren’t making the progress you ought to make. Don’t worry, by the time you start from  a simpler level, you will definitely proceed to do what you feel you can’t do. When working out gradually, your cardio will improve, muscles will grow, and those beginning aches and pains will lessen.

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