6 Fashion errors men should avoid


6 Fashion Errors Men to should in the Corporate World 


Men are bound to make errors with their fashion sense in the corporate world. That is why in this article, I will be addressing the errors you should avoid making, that will make you look smart and confident.

Loose trouser : Wear a fitted trouser and not an oversize trousers. Wearing a loose trouser, will make you look uncomfortable and you might start to adjust it often in the presence of people, which can bring embarrassment. Also ensure you wear a trouser that doesn’t fully cover the whole of your shoe, in order to look smart.

Rumble trouser: One of the fashion errors you should avoid is wearing a rumble dress to the corporate world. Endeavour you take your time to use a steam iron that will give you a befitting look. If you don’t iron your cloth , you will look tattered, unpresentable and unattractive.

Wrong pattern : Unlike before, pattern has taken a new trend in the fashion line, but most men still don’t understand the rudiment of how to blend this pattern with other outfits. To blend this pattern with your outfit you need to understand the way fashion works. For instance, if you are wearing a patterned tie, you need a solid colour of shirt or if you are wearing a striped shirt, you need a solid colour of tie.

Wrong colour of socks: Some men are very guilty of wearing the wrong socks with their outfit. In the corporate world, endeavour to match your socks with your dressing and not your shoe. For instance if you are wearing a black dress, let your socks go with the black trouser. Also avoid wearing colour riot  socks that don’t go well with your shoe or pants.

Leather trouser: Leather trouser that is skinny and tight is  wrong for men to wear in the corporate world. To avoid this fashion mistake, men should wear a wool, linen or chinos trouser with their shirt. This will make your appearance more decent in the corporate world.

Oversize Jacket: Wearing an oversize jacket is very common among men and it should be avoided. If you wear an oversized jacket you won’t look smart, attractive and fit for the corporate world. It is advisable to get a fitted jacket that is your perfect match.

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