6 right colour of outfit to wear



Looking for the right colour of outfit to wear to work that will make you look glamorous and cool? Well! Look no further. Colours brightens mood and invokes one’s emotions. You need to know more about the right colour of outfit to wear to the corporate world?  here you have it.

Gray : This colour is neutral, cool and it is very easy to pair with any  outfit of your choice. It is also versatile and has a powerful tone, but it is not authoritative like black.  Gray dress also brightens one’s look and gives some sense of swag 

CWW.com.ngBlack lapel

Blue: This is one colour of outfit, you shouldn’t do without in the corporate world. It is a cool colour, that varies in different shades. This colour conveys loyalty, trust and stability. Wearing this colour of outfit will make you look very exceptional, confidence and comfortable

Red: Red is the color of extremes, passionate love, and adventure. Wearing this colour makes you look bold, confident and passionate without being emotional.

White:This colour signifies purity. It is a bright and cool colour you shouldn’t avoid  wearing. Apart from its neutrality and brightness, this colour conveys honesty, truth and transparency. Wearing a white colour of outfit will make you look simple and stand out in the corporate world

Yellow: This colour is attractive ,brightens one’s mood, makes you shinning and cheerful.  it also makes you express your mood,  gives strength, and reinforces self-confidence. 

Black : It is a very popular colour that you should always have. It is one colour that goes or blends with any outfit. This colour commands authority, power and makes you look outstanding. Wearing a black outfit colour with the combination of other outfits, eradicates the feelings of being overwhelmed in the corporate world.

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