8 common shaving mistake you need to avoid


8 Common shaving mistake you need to avoid


Have you been shaving, but always having an irritation, bumps or cut?  Do you feel you haven’t been doing the right things while shaving? If you do so ,  here are some common shaving mistakes you need to avoid:

Use the right Shaving stick : Not every shaving  stick is appropriate, you need to get the best shaving stick that has a sharp razor to prevent irritation , bumps, marks and cuts. 


Avoid Dry Skin: Some people shave before bathing or shave when they have dry skin. When you do this, you tend to cut your skin . There are some tips you need to do before shaving. The most important thing you can do is wet the area you’ll be shaving really well.Also  Endeavor to use a shampoo and conditioner before using a razor.

Position the Blade: When shaving, it is important to position the blade at a proper angle, if you don’t you might tend not to shave anything. The best angle for positioning your blade is angle 360 degree. Ensure you use your index fingers while shaving and glide it to 360 degree until the hair is equally cut.

Avoid keeping razors for too long: Some people tend to use their razor or shaving stick often.This can lead to irritation, bumps and cuts. Always ensure you change your blade, to avoid irritation and enable you to shave well.  

Avoid shaving repeatedly: When you use a shaving stick, stop shaving the areas or the spot you have shaved before, doing this can cause irritation. Glide your razor blade from a different spot, moving it gently and slowly. . Do not repeat stroking over the same area more than twice and always apply light strokes.

Shave gently: Some people are not patient while shaving, they are always in a hurry to shave anyhow they like. When you take your time to shave gently, you prevent cuts and nicks. it is therefore advisable to take your time and shave. You tend to injure yourself when you avoid shaving gently. After shaving, rinse off your blade, to ensure it doesn’t become blunt

Stop shaving against the grain: This is one common mistake most people make. Shaving against the grain, causes rash, irritation  and undergrowth. When using the shaving blade, gently glide it in different directions. This way the razor doesn’t drag against your skin and result in bumps or irritation.

Apply moisturizing: Another common mistake is when you don’t apply moisturizing after shaving. This results in discomfort which causes irritation, dryness, razor burn and redness. Ensure you apply moisturizing for you to be comfortable

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