How to maintain your wrist watches in the corporate world

How to Maintain your Wrist Watches in the Corporate World

Wristwatch is one of the fashion accessories you shouldn’t do without in the corporate world. It  helps you value how important your time is to become productive. Here are some tips to maintain your watches and keep them in a good condition:

Clean your wrist watch:Keeping your wristwatch clean is very important to keep it running and functioning. When cleaning your wrist watch, ensure you use a dry cloth to clean the case and the strap, in order to remove dirt. There are some wrist watches that are water resistance, to clean it use a moist cloth. Avoid using soap and water, because this can damage the wrist watch

Service your  wristwatch : Just like your generator or your machine is serviced, ensure you service your wristwatch at least 2 or 3 times a year. Ensure your wristwatch is lubricated for it to last longer. If you buy a new wristwatch , you will have a warranty, ensure you make use of the warranty when your wrist watch gets damaged. 

Stop repairing your wristwatch:  Most times, we tend to be our own technician, by opening our wristwatch and fixing it by ourselves. Instead of doing this, take it to an expert technician that can help you fix it, to prevent it from damaging.If you are a technician, you can identify the problem and do it yourself.

Avoid Sunlight : Your wristwatch should be kept away from the sun. This is because excess sunlight can cause the colour of the wristwatch to fade and  damage the battery of the watch. It is important to limit the way you expose your wristwatch to the sun for it to last longer.

Keep it in a box:After use, people drop their wrist watches on the table or chair, when you do this, you tend to allow dirt to enter it. The best storage for your wristwatch is a box, putting it inside a box will prevent and protect it from scratches and dirt.

Avoid chemicals: Chemicals like perfumes or hypo can  damage the wristwatch, so  ensure you keep it safe by preventing it from chemicals. These chemicals can make the  wristwatch get rusted which weakens it.

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