Benefit of Lime on the skin

Benefit of Lime on the Skin

Do you know that lime is very beneficial to your health and skin? It is also rich in antioxidants which contain vitamins, magnesium, calcium and potassium.  In this article, you will get to know some essential benefit of lime to the skin.

Treat dark spot : lime juice which has a bleaching agent properties is used to treat and lighten every dark skin on the face. When you apply it to your face, ensure you avoid sunlight exposure and leave for 30 min to be effective. 

Anti- aging properties: Lime is a source of anti-aging properties,it  prevents melanin production which gives way to dark  spot.Scrubbing your face with Lime peel or applying facials containing lime properties can immensely reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Treats Open Pores : Lime can be added to other  beauty skin care products that helps to improve and brighten  the appearance of the skin. It also contains astringent properties  which tighten the pores  and reduces the oil production that provide a flawless skin.

Treats aches :  Lime is very useful to treat aches, pimples and spots that are caused by dirt and dead cells. These bacterial result in roughness, redness and soreness on the skin. Lime with honey are very effective to the skin, they help prevent bacterial growth and reduce excess oil. If you have spot, ache or pimples, ensure you apply lime every week  to your face

Treats Tan skin : Lime  juice is very effective to treat the skin. When your body is exposed to the sun, this can tan your skin. To apply ,mix some gram flour, curd and some lime juice,apply it to your skin , wait until it dries then wash it off. It is advisable to do this weekly for a better result.

Rejuvenate: Lime which contains antioxidant properties, helps to improve the smoothness and appearance of the skin. It is rich in vitamin c which helps to strengthen the collagen and  reduce sweat and body odour. It also helps to treat injuries when applied externally  on the skin.

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