How to improve your listening skills

How to Improve your Listening Skills

Improving your listening skills in the corporate world is very essential. Here are the steps to take :

Be attentive : Listen to what the other person is saying, maintain eye contact which is very necessary for effective communication. Also make sure that the speaker has your full attention and avoid being distracted when listening to the speaker. 

Have an open mind: Let your mind be open to the message the speaker is passing across. Do not judge or criticize what he/she is telling you, when you do, you might opt out from listening . It is important to evaluate what the speaker is saying, but don’t do so while listening. 

Avoid interrupting : Avoid interrupting the speaker, while he is talking.  When you do so,it can disrupt the message he is trying to send. If you have questions ,wait until the appropriate time to ask.

Picture the words of the speaker: Listen and picture the words the speaker is saying.  It could be an abstract concept or a literal picture. Doing this, will enable you to be focused and remain alert. When listening, concentrate on the main key words and phrases, this will make you recall what the speaker has said.

Non verbal signs: When the speaker understands that you are being attentive,they will be very encouraged to give you essential information. Also your body language should communicate with the speaker, you can maintain eye contact, nod and smile. This shows that you have good listening skills.A calm and concentrated facial expression will also aid in the communication process. 

Ask Open Questions: Avoid using a closed question, but make use of an open ended question. Closed question is either a yes or no answer, while open ended requires specific information to be asked. When you make use of open ended questions, it allows you to have discussions and get more information.

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