corporate colour blocking outfit tips

Corporate Colour Blocking outfit tips to know

You can never go wrong if you slay a colour blocking outfit to work.

Color blocking Means having a combo of  different block colours in your outfit to create attention and an elegant look.

combination of this colour can uplift one’s skin and appearance.


Avoid Prints : When wearing a colour blocking outfit to work, you need to avoid prints, this is due to the fact that there is already a block of colours that is created. Hence pay attention to a solid colour and avoid patterns.

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Blend with Neutral :  Neutral is an essential for colour blocking. It is very suitable for a corporate dress and it also helps to give a sense of balance in your outfit. You can blend neutral with black, grey,  white or nude with a bright colour. This neutral colour with the blends of others will make you feel comfortable and cool in the corporate world.

Stick with primary colours :  To rock a colour blocking outfit to the corporate world, you need to start with primary colours which includes blue,pink, yellow or red. These colours will make you look elegant , appealing and attractive.  Therefore, always be creative when blending your colours.

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Start with two colours:  Before you decide to blend multiple colours, you need to begin with two colours first. You can start by blending in your favorite colours, it could be pink,blue,yellow or pink.  This will help you know the type of colours to further combine. photo credit: curves&confidence

Compliment with Accessories:You can compliment an accessory to your colour blocking outfit. It is much better if you opt for sophisticated jewelry, shoes, belts, bags, and others. Instead of combining bright colours, you can go for colours that are cool and combine with other shades. 

Be creative with your fashion sense. Whatever you wear, be confident and bold to stand out! In the corporate world. Stop and shop here  for your varieties of corporate wear.

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