Exercise commitment you need to know in the corporate world


Exercise Commitment you need to know in the Corporate World


Being committed to exercise is very essential to your health. Sometimes you might feel lazy and uncommitted to partake in an exercise. You need to understand that staying committed is very necessary so as to stay healthy in the corporate world .Here are some of the ways to stay committed.

Do An exercise you love: Most of the time, why we are not committed to an exercise is because we dislike doing it or it is something we don’t love. Take for instance if  you can’t do without swimming or playing volleyball, you won’t also do without exercise if you love it. If you do something that you love , you will want to stay committed to it.

Exercise should be part of your schedule: Exercise needs to be part of you , it needs to be a habit you need to cultivate to stay healthy in the corporate world. Sometimes if exercise is part of you, you won’t feel lazy to partake in it. Also, ensure you balance both your schedule and exercise together. Have a proper planning for the both. Once you balance the both, you will be committed.

Good Location: Select a comfortable place , it could be your house or a nice comfortable gym place that you can do your exercise. Sometimes the gym place is mostly comfortable, because you will see other people doing exercise and will be more willing to enjoy and partake in it. Also,ensure that you go to a nearby gym, in order for you to do other things.

Have a good partner: Have a good friend that will encourage you to stay committed at your exercise. Find someone who loves the same exercise with you and shares the same commitment to stay healthy . Having a good friend goes a long way. For instance, if you are tired, you can call your friend who will ginger you to go for the routine. If you don’t have a close friend, you need not to worry. If you go to the gym , you can build a new relationship there.

Reward: It is important you take time and reward yourself after the exercise. This will help you stay committed. Set a day to take  care of yourself and also eat a food that will make you stay healthy.  

Take pictures: Pictures are memories.  Take pictures from the day you start your exercise. Taking pictures of yourself, will enable you to see or have the idea if you are progressing or not. Definitely when you do exercise , you will see a huge difference, when you take pictures of yourself and this will make you more committed..

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