Exercises that can improve the heart


Exercises that can Improve your Heart

Exercise is very important for the heart just like it helps to build the muscles  and makes you keep fit. It  also helps to keep your blood pressure under control and lower the risks of heart disease .


Below are some exercises you can do that can improve your heart:

Flexibility and balance: Apart from keeping  fit , this type of exercise strengthens the musculoskeletal that helps the heart function effectively . It also enables one to be flexible, balance and  prevent  muscle issues . Being flexible makes you stable. It is advisable you do this exercise everyday.


Aerobic exercise : This exercise is very effective for your body. It helps to lower the heart risks and aids easy circulation flow of blood. It also reduces the risks of diabetes, controls blood glucose and makes you fit . Examples of this exercise include walking, running, swimming,cycling , jumping.

Training : Some training has a  specific effect on body composition, such training can be running or cycling which helps to lower the heart rate and helps to burn calories especially for those who tend to lose weight. It also boosts the function of the blood vessels.

Yoga : Apart from building your muscle Yoga is a great exercise that can help to strengthen the heart and lowers the blood pressure .


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