Habit to avoid after Meal


Habit you should Avoid doing after Meal


There are some habit we need to avoid after eating. Most people tend to sleep and take tea immediately after meals, which is harmful  to our health. Here are some habits you should avoid after a meal:

Avoid sleeping: Some people are already used to sleeping immediately after eating, this should be avoided,in order for their food to be digested. Sleeping after eating causes your stomach to burn and thereby leads to discomfort. Therefore, endeavor you wait for a few minutes before you sleep.

Smoking: Smoking should be avoided, because it is very harmful to the body. If you smoke after meal your body will absorb more carcinogens,  which won’t allow your food to digest.It is said that smoking after a meal  is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes


Bathing:  Try to avoid bathing immediately after having a meal, if this is not avoided your food will not digest and there will also be less blood flow available. This slows the process and renders your body inefficient.

Fruits: Avoid eating fruit immediately after your meal, since they require different enzymes to digest. Fruit should be eating an hour or two hours before your meal to aid digestion and to avoid your food from being lumping together 

Avoid tea: Most people tend to take tea immediately after meals, this should be avoided. Drinking tea after a meal, affects the digestive process and also interferes with the iron absorption. You can drink tea one hour after the meal, to aid digestion process easily.

Exercise: Ensure you avoiding exercise after meal, this can make you vomit or have nausea problem. Even if you want to do exercise , endeavor you do it before taking your meal or one hour after your meal.

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