Boost your immune system in the corporate world

Tips to Boost your Immune System in the Corporate World

Having a good immune system is very vital to stay active in the corporate world. Your  immune system helps to fight against diseases, but sometimes it fails because there are some germs that invade the body system that enable one to  fall sick.  Is your immune system weak? If they are , they are some tips you need to follow  in order to boost it.

Avoid Stress :  Ensure you avoid stress, because this can impair immunity and make us fall sick at all times. To avoid stress, there are some things you need to do often. Try breathing, this  engages our relaxation response which turns off our reaction to stress. When you experience stress, the immune system becomes inactive.

Get adequate sleep: It is so important to get adequate sleep to enable your immune system function well . Inadequate sleep  can affect our physical and mental health like our energy, productivity, weight and  emotional balance level.  A study shows that inadequate sleep tends to reduce one immune system which can make you fall ill. To avoid falling sick, one should aim for 6-7 hours rest to boost the immune system

Exercise : Partaking in physical activity like exercise can boost your immune system. Regular exercise will make your body mentally and physically strong. It will also aid in fighting against a low immune system.  Exercise enables antibodies and white blood cells to move through the body faster, so as to  detect early illness.

Drink More Water : Water is life, it is very good for the body,It also helps flush toxins out of vital organs. Adequate water makes your body stronger and aids in  building the muscles. We should endeavor to drink over 2litres of water to sustain our health.

Eat Good Food  : Eat rich food that contains the necessary essential nutrient . Vegetables and fruit are one of the essential foods you need to add to your meal. You can combine it with protein, legumes or any diet of your choice. Eating the essential nutrient will aid boost the immune system
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Increase intake of Vitamin C : Vitamin C is a antioxidant that helps to fight harmful cells and also prevent the body from diseases . Intake of vitamin c, provides strong immunity  for the body, it also impairs and supports the body from sickness. Try to take up to to 1000 mg  vitamin c a day.

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