Health benefit of cocoa powder

Health Benefit of Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is very healthy for the body, it contains fats and  fiber that  helps to lower blood pressure, aid weight loss, and improve one’s mood. 

Here are the essential health benefits of cocoa powder.

May Help Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease : Cocoa contains flavonoids which prevent blood clot and aids the blood to flow through the arteries  and vessels.Cocoa powder is also anti inflammatory which helps to improve heart health.

Promotes Lower Blood Pressure : Cocoa is very effective to reduce blood pressure and hypertension. A study shows that people who consume a higher amount of flavanol which is attributed to anti inflammatory properties have the tendency for their  blood pressure to be reduced .

Good for the muscle and nerves : Cocoa powder contains magnesium and its  aid to regulate the muscle and nerves function. The mineral also helps to protect the nerve cells and reduce the risk of neurological disorders.

Improve mood and reduce depression: Cocoa powder which contains tryptophan helps to naturally increase one’s mood . Anytime you are suffering from exhaustion and chronic fatigue take cocoa powder. This will help alleviate your mental health.

May Aid Weight Control : Apart from regulating energy, cocoa powder aids in reducing weight loss , appetite and inflammation.  It also increases fat oxidation and makes one full.

Keeps Your Brain Sharper : Cocoa has been found to boost the  cognitive function and memory. It was also shown in a study that it increases the rate at which the blood flows  through the brain. By just taking cocoa or adding it to your diet will keep your memory stable.Protects Your Teeth

Protect your teeth: A study has shown that adding cocoa powder to your diet will prevent tooth decay. Cocoa contains anti bacterial properties which helps to fight plague and harden the enamel. To also make your teeth white you need to add cocoa powder to your diet.

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