how to boost your creativity

How to  boost your creativity In the Corporate World.

Everyone of us need to be creative and add value to the corporate world. To boost your creativity you need the following:

Try something new: To boost your creativity, you need to try something new, that is, do something that you have never done before. Like if you have been swimming for a very long time change it to something else by trying a different thing.

Listen to music: This is another way to boost your creativity. Study shows that listening  to music paves way for reasonable thinking and creativity. Also ensure you choose a good music that will increase your creativity and inspire you. Albert Einstein for instance said that music is a source of  creativity .

Write your creative ideas down: Have a diary where you can write down your creative ideas. When you jot your ideas, you can always glance back and reflect on it. Writing your ideas down is a great way to remember things and boost your creativity.

Read: To boost your creativity, you need to read widely. Reading helps you discover new things and gives you more insight. If you don’t like reading, cultivate the habit by finding out what you love to read and devote less time to it. Gradually, when you do this it becomes an habit

Meditate:  Meditation aids to boost one’s creativity. It has been shown to increase focus, and one’s emotional intelligence. Meditating is also good to have an open mind and clear your thoughts which leads to creativity. 

Relax: To boost your creativity, you need to take time to relax yourself, especially if you are overwhelmed or are tensed up about somethings. Relaxation might involve going to the beach, hanging out with friends, dancing and so on. Relaxing enables you to be free from any thought and paves way for better creativity.

Practice: Practice is one of the vital ways to build your creativity. When you practice, you become better in what you do. If you don’t know how to be creative, practice it. By constantly doing it regularly,it will become part of you.

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