best shoe for men to wear

Best shoe for men to wear in the corporate world

Looking for the best shoe to wear to the corporate world , check out this article and opt for your favorite shoes

Loafers shoe: Loafers also known as slip on shoe, was first introduced in London by Wildsmith shoes, until they began to be so popular in the world today. They vary in different colours and design. Sometimes they have the feature of tassels or metal decoration. This shoe is an essential shoe men must have . This leather shoe can go well with a black or brown chinos and a nice shirt.

Chelsea Boots: This shoe has close-fitting, ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel making it stylish, cool and comfortable to wear. This set of shoes can slip on and off quickly  without a lace or buckle. Men in the corporate world shouldn’t do without this shoe, because of its aesthetic and statement style it brings.

Oxford shoe: This shoe has lace eyelets that are attached under the Vamp. Before, Oxfords were made of leather and usually plain, but recently, it has evolved into different styles, bringing you a classic look. Depending on your taste, you can either go for a cap or plain toe

Derby shoe: This is an important shoe men shouldn’t do without in the corporate world, because of their versatility. Derby shoes are timeless,elegant and sophisticated shoes, and they blend well with any outfit. No matter the colour these shoes  work well with every outfit, you should need to blend them well. 

Brogues shoe :  This is a low-heeled shoe , which has four toe cap styles. Traditionally, this shoe was not appropriate for the casual world, but recently they have come in different styles which makes it versatile to be worn by all men in the corporate world.Wearing a black brogue  is very suitable for the corporate world.

Monk Strap : This shoe is stylish, unique and sophisticated. Wearing this shoe makes men look bold, cool and distinct from the crowd.Men should not do without this shoe because it will make them look bold and cool. When purchasing a monk shoe, go for a shining leather or a single and shiny type of monk shoe

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