How to tackle loneliness

How To Tackle Loneliness In the Corporate World

Loneliness is what everyone faces in the corporate world today. Loneliness could be as a result of so many things like having a negative thought about yourself, not wanting to associate yourself with others and more. Loneliness can cause lots of things to our health, it leads to high blood pressure, insomnia and cholesterol. Here are some of the ways you can tackle  loneliness.

Accept  and identify it : The truth is that one way or the other we are all experiencing loneliness, so you have to  accept that you feel that way  to overcome loneliness. Also identify the reason why you are lonely, this will help you figure out the reason for the loneliness. For instance, if you find out that having a friend might be the go out network and  associate yourself with  friends . 

Practice meditation: Some study shows that self meditation reduces loneliness. Meditation is  a great way to minimize the level of loneliness . To meditate you need to constantly practice  and have a mentor or someone who will constantly guide you. You can also look for a meditation class in your area , but if you don’t know of any, buy a CD that contains a meditation routine.

Good relationship: The relationship you keep matters a lot. Surround yourself with positive people, who will be there for you anytime. Also, creating a time to socialize and join a group that interests you, will help reduce loneliness. If you can’t reach out to your friends because of distance, try to communicate with them through the phone.

Make yourself happy: Make yourself happy, by devoting quality time to yourself. Do the things you love that will give you inner peace of mind , because you deserve to be happy in every area of your life. 

Be positive: Always be positive to yourself, Some people are prone to saying negative thoughts about themselves like ugh! People don’t like me, I don’t fit in their click, that is why i need to stay in my space. When you say all these to yourself, Low Self esteem and loneliness  set in. Positive Thought goes a long way, it gives you the assurance to beat low self esteem and loneliness. I encourage you to start practicing positive thought

Find a Hobby : If you are lonely, find something you love to do that will take you away from that moment. Some people tend to watch movies and think this will reduce the level of loneliness. Trust me, it will get to a point where you will be bored of the movie. Ensure you take time to do what you love and be involved in social activities like going to the beach, swimming  and taking pictures.

Volunteer: One way to combat loneliness is to volunteer, it could be in an ngo or a club. When you volunteer you tend to impact lives and meet wonderful people.Ensure that the place you volunteer to meet your expectations. Volunteering is one way you can socialize and be free from loneliness, especially when it is your area of interest. 

Talk to a therapist : When you often feel lonely  and you can’t explain why, consider talking to a professional therapist . This kind of loneliness might make you feel that you  are depressed . Talking to a therapist will enable you to find a positive solution to your problem.

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