Oral hygiene tips to correct


Oral Hygiene Tips to Correct

Most of you in the corporate world are always in a haste to brush our teeth. Brushing your teeth is very paramount to having good oral hygiene.  Here are some oral hygiene tips you need to know in the corporate world.


Brushing one’s a day: It is not ideal that you brush your teeth once a day. You are meant to take care of your teeth by brushing at least three times a day to avoid bacterial , tooth decay or cavities. When you do this, the teeth become clean.

Avoid brushing Too Hard : Get a soft brush and avoid brushing too hard or putting aggression on your teeth. When you do this you are prone to spoiling your tooth gum and leading the  tooth enamel to erode slowly. If your teeth are brown or you feel they are not white enough, try to visit a dentist .

Not changing toothbrush: Most of us have the habit of not changing our toothbrush, if you don’t do this the bristles will become damaged which will not make the  teeth properly brushed. Endeavour you should change your toothbrush every 2-3 month to have good teeth.

Avoid brushing fast: Most people tend to brush their teeth very fast without taking their time. To avoid bacterial, bad gum , bad breath, it is advisable to brush for at least 2- 3min .When brushing, brush both the back and front of your teeth and also ensure you brush your tongue to avoid bad odour. 

Forgetting to floss: To have good hygiene and a good gum, endeavor you floss your teeth. No matter how clean or sparkling your teeth is,some little debris is left. Take a challenge today and try flossing and see the improvement in your oral health. If you have any dental gum, try and visit your dentist.

Avoid sugar drinks: Although sugar beverages provide energy to the body, too much of it shouldn’t be taken. If you consume many sugar beverages which are acidic, it will trigger the chemical erosion and the teeth will also become brown.

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