Latest ways to style cuban collar shirt

Latest Corporate  Ways  to Style Cuban Collar Shirt  

Cuban shirt initially was a uniform worn by working class men, but now  it is a versatile outfit for every man. It is usually a loose fitted, short sleeved shirt with  a collar that broadens the upper body. It  can be paired t with linen pants or chino shorts.

Cuban collar shirt originated in the 18th century in South America,which became  a staple of every gent’s wardrobe.
photo credit: Reiss

Cuban Collar Shirt with Trousers : Wearing a cuban collar shirt with a combination of trousers can make you look cool and warm. To have a nice look, tuck your shirt and dress in different styles

Cuban Collar Shirt with Suit :  You can blend your cuban collar shirt with a suit by leaving the suit unbuttoned,this gives it a unique feeling and makes you look elegant.

Cuban Collar Shirt with Shorts:  You can also combine a cuban collar with a short by opting out for monochromatic tones, which gives you a stylish and comfortable look. 

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