5 Benefit of tumeric on the skin


5 Benefit of Turmeric on the Skin 

Apart from using turmeric to cook, it is also beneficial for the skin. It contains essential properties like curcumin and antioxidant agent which is very effective in treating the skin. Here are the benefits of Turmeric.


Treat ache  : Turmeric is very useful in treating aches. Aches can result in irritation to the skin, if not properly taken care of. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties which prevent the skin from spreading and reduces blemish and redness on the skin. Turmeric is also very effective when treating spots on the body.

Removes dark circles: Turmeric aids to remove dark circles because of the anti-inflammatory properties it contains. Although, most dark circles are usually as a result of inadequate sleep, scratching or rubbing the eyes . When you notice you have a dark circle under your eyes you can use turmeric. Turmeric can be applied under the affected area for about 15 to 20minute , before you rinse. 

Reduces scars and marks: Turmeric which contains anti inflammatory properties helps to reduce scars and marks from the body.  Turmeric also contains  curcumin that reduces excess production of melanin which makes the skin become smooth. Honey and turmeric can be added to reduce the scars and nourish the skin.

Reduces Stretch marks: Are you finding a way to reduce your stretch marks as a woman. If you are ,then try turmeric. Turmeric with its antioxidant agent, aids to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. Mix olive oil and lemon juice together then rub in the affected area.

Protect ageing : Turmeric protects the skin from ageing and also prevent the skin from sun damage . The curcumin compound which has antioxidant properties prevents the skin cells from damaging and aging. When your face , neck and forehead start to wrinkle, that might be the signs that you are aging.

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