Stylish heels for women- 2021

Stylish heels for Women to own-2021

 Finding the right heels as a woman will boost your confidence and transform your total appearance. In this article , you will get to know the various stylish heels that you can rock  and own in the corporate world.


This type of heels are just the best to have.  They are super stylish and add colour to your everyday look . Block heels are very comfortable and  more supportive and stable.The width of your block heels varies. People love it because of the ease to wear.

Kitten heels  

This is another type of shoe that you need in your closet. These shoes are very comfortable. If you are a starter in wearing heels you should try kitten heels. This type of heel is thin and the inches are usually below 3 inches. To look chic and smart in the corporate world, you need to go for this type of heel.

Medium Heel 

 This type of heel varies in different colour, sizes and inches. It is very cool to be worn in the corporate world.  It makes one feel comfortable without a pressure on the feet. They  are usually 3-4 inches tall

Cone Heel 

Cone Heel are  usually rectangular in shape , it is usually wide and has a narrow tip. This type of heel varies in sizes ,colour and it also comes in various heights. They are also very manageable, timeless and versatile.

Stiletto heels

This type of heel will make you look stylish and chic. They have longer inches, but might not really give you the comfort like plump heels. This heel is not meant to be worn by everyone except you can walk with it. The highest of this heel is 8inches

Platform Heels  

This type of heel varies in inches, colour and sizes. These horse shoes are very comfortable to be worn in the corporate world. It also has  a thicker sole that makes it more unique

Square Heel 

Are similar to the block heel. This type of heel will make one look chic and elegant in the corporate world, they are usually thicker and have a rectangular shape.

Very High Heel 

The height of these heels is up to 8 inches or more.These shoes come with a platform and gives stability to the foot which gives comfort and ease .

Ankle Strap Heels  

This type of heels are in vogue now.  The height, colour and sizes vary. The beauty of this heel is the strap that goes around the angle making it sophisticated, attractive and comfortable.

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