7 ways to engage customers on social media


Ways to Engage Customers on Social Media in The corporate World

Social media is what every business needs in the corporate world.  Businesses today have gone beyond the offline method, but are currently using the online approach to engage customers. There are various social media platforms you can  engage your customers with, they include Twitter, Instagram, linked in , Whats app , Facebook and others. Using these social media effectively, can create a global presence that can drive and engage various customers. 

Here are the useful tips to engage your customers:


Provide value: The important thing you need to do in order to engage your customers is to provide substantial value. When you provide useful value  and solutions, your brand becomes successful. You can provide value by sharing useful information and tips to your customers. .

Know your target audience: Identifying your target audience is very essential if you want to engage your customers . When you know your target audience,  it becomes easy to tailor your marketing campaign to them. Also , when choosing your target audience, you need to be very specific, because they vary. Your target audience include the young, adult, children e.t.c.

Maintain a consistent voice:  To engage your customers, maintaining a consistent voice is the key  to a successful business in the corporate world. When you maintain a consistent voice, it will make your brand distinct from the rest and your customers will easily access you. Also your brand persona needs to be kept consistent otherwise, confusion might set in.

Be Authentic : To attract customers on social media, you need to be real and authentic when passing your messages across to them. Most business owners try so hard to use the right word, forgetting that social media is not only about selling but for socializing. You need to find out what  can attract your customers and increase their engagement.

Be Consistent when posting: Consistency is very vital in the corporate world. Some entrepreneurs forget and feel so lazy to post on their social media platform. If you aren’t consistent and  don’t deliver relevant content, you will disengage your customers. You need to remember that to have a good social media strategy and engage your customers, you need to be very consistent. 


Respond to queries: To keep your customers engaged , you need to respond to queries. Yes! There might be a lot of queries, but you must ensure you respond to all the comments , questions and diffuse negative comments. When you do this, you increase your brand loyalty, maintain the reputation and increase engagement.

User generated content:  To engage your customers on social media platforms, you need to encourage them, by welcoming their contributions, because some of them might have great ideas that can improve your business . Also feel free to share other people’s ideas . When you do this, you create a community and makes them share your content too which can result to lots of engagement

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