Ways to prevent body odour




Body Odour  is a difficult issue that most of us face in the corporate world. It can lead to embarrassment, unpleasant conversation and can ruin our day.  

Body odour  Is as a result of sweat that causes bacteria to one skin. It is as a result of some factors like wearing thick cloth and not maintaining proper  hygiene. 

Here are some ways on how to prevent body odour and make you more confident in the corporate world:

Proper  hygiene: Maintaining good hygiene is very essential to preventing body odour. To have good proper hygiene, you need to bath regularly with antiseptic soap, wash your dresses each time you  wear them  and avoid wearing  thick dresses. 

Also ensure you drink lots of water and eat healthy food. Drinking  lots of water aids to flush out the toxins and control the bacterial growth. 

Shave your armpit: Ensure the hair under your armpit is shave. If you don’t shave your air you are liable to have body odour. Shaving your hair and taking good care of your body, t reduces the level of body odour and prevent bacteria growth  

Keep your skin dry:  After bathing, ensure you use a dry towel to clean your body, likewise when you sweat. If your skin is dry, it’s harder for bacteria that cause body odour to breed on it.  Also if you are sweating excessively, it is advisable to use a powder to absorb the sweat.


Deodorants and antiperspirants: Once  you have cleaned your body, use good deodorants and antiperspirants on your underarms. This fragrance contains aluminum chloride, which prevents the sweat glands and avert body odour. Endeavour you use deodorant when you are in the corporate world, this fragrance makes you smell nice and distinct you from others.

Wear light fabric: Wear breathable and light  material .  It is advisable to go for a cotton fabric  and not a heavy one. With a light fabric, the sweat will be quickly dissolved.

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