Wide pant for ladies


Wide Pant for Ladies in the Corporate World

photo credit: style pantry

Apart from your normal trousers, that you slay to the corporate world, do you know you can also rock a  wide leg pant with your dress, shoes and accessories to work?

Wide leg pants widen at the lower hips and the waist which gives your shape a flattering, comfortable and elongating fit. This type of pant varies in different sizes and shapes and can be worn by everyone. There are different types of wide pant, they include:

Gaucho: Sometimes,people confuse this type of pant with culottes,because they are identical in design. This pant is loose on the thigh , which tends to look more like a skirt but is not mistaken for a skirt. They are also distinctively short unlike culottes. 

Culotte is derived from culot, a french word . This type of pant resembles a skirt, from the knee to the mid calf length . Historically, culottes were also referred to as split skirts. This pant is shorter  and voluminous than cropped wide legs.Cropped

Tulip : It is a full length pant, that floats down from the hip with a crossover shape. When walking, it separate and show little of your leg in a breezy style

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