4 Importance of wearing a good shoe



It is very important that you wear a good shoe,wearing bad shoes leads to serious injury and can result to shoe bite and blisters. Also to avoid embarrassment from your shoe spoiling, while you are walking, invest in a good and quality shoe.

Have you been wearing bad shoes before, if you have you need to stop and ensure you get a quality shoe


Prevent back problems: Wearing good shoes prevents back problems. Sometimes if you are walking and your shoe is faulty, you might tend to have back pain. Insoles are very good to the shoe, because it will put your foot into a good position and eradicate stress. If your shoe is not aligned , this might result to back pains

Helps in alignment: Having good shoes prevent any arch, blister or shoe bite and helps in alignment . Your shoes are what you wear on your foot, if your shoe arches you , you won’t feel very much dis-comfortable.That is why it is good to wear a good shoe that is fitted and that are not too tight.

Makes you happy: When you wear a good shoe, you will be happy and very comfortable. In Fact your friends might want to buy that kind of shoes if they see it is very attractive and lacks discomfort.  Some times, bad shoes might be as a result of walking on hard surface for a period of time or being overweight

Prevent shoe bite: If you wear a good shoe, you won’t encounter any shoe bite or blister. Ensure you have a good shoe and alternate it regularly.Also endeavour your shoe is very comfortable and fit your foot well.

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