8 Ways to Boost your appetite


8 Ways to Boost your Appetite naturally in the Corporate World

Are you finding it difficult to eat? or have you lost your appetite? if you are here are the ways you can boost your appetite naturally in the corporate world.


Eat Small Meals :  Eating three full meals might seem like a difficult task when you don’t have a healthy appetite. You can divide your meals into five meals. If your appetite increase, you start adding some food that contains calories and nutrient

Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods : People with low  appetites tend to eat empty calories like candy, chips, ice cream and baked goods which help them to gain weight instead, they should concentrate on food that will provide protein and healthy nutrients.

Add More Calories to Your Meals:Another way to boost your appetite is to add more calories to your meal, so that you will be able to eat well.  Your food should be prepared with calorie-dense ingredients like butter, nut butters, olive oil or whole milk.

Avoid skipping breakfast: To boost your appetite, you must not skip breakfast. When you skip breakfast, you will only eat less food for the day. Having breakfast helps you burn more calories throughout the day.

Consume Calories: To boost your appetite, you need to drink more calories . To do this, you need to replace your meals with nutritional drinks like smoothies, yogurt or milkshake. Also, you can add vegetables or fruit with it.


Eat your favorite :  Eating your favorite meal will help you boost your appetite. For instance if you see your best food, you will want to bounce on it immediately unlike when it is not your favorite. A study shows that when you choose your food, you tend to eat more of it. Ensure that your favorite food is healthy and is prepared by you.

Reduce Beverages: Minimize drinking beverages with your meal if not, this might affect your appetite by eating less food. A study shows that when you consume water with your meal reduces calories. Therefore, try to limit your water intake 30 minutes before meals 

Eat Less Fiber:  To boost your appetite, you need to eat lesser fiber. When you consume  High-fiber diet it decreases calorie intake, makes you feel full and also slows down the digestion system. Thus, it is very necessary to have a lesser intake of fiber. 

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