Benefit of cucumber

Benefit of  Eating Cucumber

To stay healthy in the corporate world, cucumber is one of the essential fruits you need to eat. It contains some vital nutrients, which is very beneficial for the body. Here are some benefits of cucumber:

It’s High in Nutrients :Cucumbers are low in calories but high in many important vitamins and minerals. its contains calories, protein, fiber, vitamin c, vitamin k, magnesium. Cucumber also contains a high level of water.

Promote hydration: Cucumber which contains 46% of  water  helps to transport the waste and the nutrient . Hydration can also affect our physical and metabolism performance. Although apart from cucumber many fruit and vegetables should be added to your diet. The amount of water you actually ingest from cucumbers depends on your serving size.

Loss weight: Cucumber which contains low calories can help with weight loss. This means that you can eat plenty of cucumbers without having extra calories that lead to weight gain. Cucumber can be spiced up with your food like salad, sand wishes and others. Also the water content of cucumber can aid in weight loss.

Promote Regularity:  Cumbers helps to promote regularity. They contain high levels of water that support the bowel movement and  prevent constipation and regularity. Pectin which is a  fiber found in cucumbers helps to  increase bowel movement frequency. A study shows that pectin helps to speed up the intestine muscle

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