Benefit of water


Water is very essential for everyone in the corporate world. The human body is dependent on water to flush out toxins, aids in hydration and carries nutrients to the body cells. 

If you feel fatigued, thirsty or have a headache, then you need to improve on your water intake. It is advisable to drink 2-3 liters of water every day. Without water the body would not function properly. That is while, it is important to understand the benefit of water and carry water everywhere you go.

Water aids to improve the brain: Water is life, the brain needs water to function effectively. Lack of water to the brain can impair short-term memory function, as well as cause some illness such exhaustion, headaches, sleep issues, stress, anger, and depression. Adequate water aids cognition, helps balance moods, emotions, reduces stress and headaches.

Increased energy; Water gives you energy, without water in the body, you tend to be tired, dull and sluggish. Lack of water in the body, leads to dehydration and this causes a lot of sweat. It is advisable for you to drink lots of water regularly so as to stay active and  energized .

Intake of water makes one active: Inadequate water can deactivate you from being active and hinders your mood. This thereby, prevents you from mixing up with people and not performing efficiently in your tasks. Drinking Lots of water will ensure your mood is good for the corporate world and will enable you to relate effectively.

Reduce stress:  Inadequate water, causes stress , which leads to high cortisols level (Stress hormone) ,which eventually becomes difficult to deal with.  It also makes one to be unproductive and reduces their activeness.

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