how to prevent shoe bite for women

How to Prevent Shoe Bite for Women in the Corporate World

Most women  in the corporate world worry about shoe bite  when wearing a shoe. Shoe bite  is as a result of  the skin rubbing against a tight shoe and the friction between them, causing swelling and blister. When getting a shoe, ensure you get your fitted size and avoid buying  a hard or rough material.  Here are some tips that will help you prevent shoe bite and keep your feet healthy.

Sticking plasters : This is another way to prevent blisters or shoe bite on your feet. Apply sticker plaster to the back of your feet and toe, this is helpful, when you wear your high heel to the corporate world. This sticker plaster reduces friction and prevent shoe bite

Freeze :Fill a white nylon bag with water, and put them in the toe of each shoe. Then place them in the freezer, and leave overnight. As the water freezes, it will expand in the bag and stretch the shoe This way you can increase the shoe size a little and avoid the painful shoe bite.

Baby powder:  Baby powder is very useful to prevent and reduce friction between your feet and shoes. Ensure your feet are dry and  sprinkle powder in your shoe. This will make the sole of the shoe to be smooth and soft ,which helps to prevent shoe bite and blister

Vaseline :The other way to avoid shoe bite is by making use of vaseline petroleum jelly. Rub the jelly or oil to the parts of the shoe that cause shoe bite and leave it overnight. The oil will soften the rough  area that is responsible for the injury.

Deodorant : The foot and toes are the areas that get affected by shoe bite. To reduce this, you need to apply deodorant to minimize friction between your shoes and feet which prevent  the risks of shoe bite

Silicone insoles : Silicon insoles is another way to prevent insoles. You can get this silicon insoles from orthopedic stores , shoe stores and online . Silicone insoles come in full and half length, and they  protect the sole and toes. Endeavour to choose the one that fits you.

Free your feet a bit: If you wear heels to work or any occasion, it is very important  to take a pair of free  slippers or sandals with you so that you legs can be free.

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