Hair style for ladies


Looking for a beautiful hair style that will make you look chic in the corporate world?. Here are the hair style you shouldn’t do without as a lady.

Braids: Braids are very good to rock as a lady in the corporate world. Braiding means intertwining the hair. It is very easy to maintain and it varies. You can style your braids to any form you want. Braids actually take time depending on the style, but it is worth the time.

Box braids are one of the most classic hairstyles for Nigerian ladies in the corporate world. It is very unique and appealing. But this type of style gets rough easily unlike the normal braiding.

Braiding looks distinct and chic on any woman. It is very easy to maintain and lasts for a longer time unlike box braids. It takes like 2-3hours to plait braided hair. Although this depends on your stylist.

Waves: Weaves is another hairstyle that is very good to rock in the corporate world. It does not take so much time unlike braids. Weave varies, there are human hair, synthetic and durable weaves. The human hair weave lasts longer on the hair than the synthetic one. When purchasing a weave ensure that you go for the quality one’s and not the fake one’s .

Human hair straight weaves will look fabulous on any women in the corporate world. It has a very light texture. For those who complain that the weaves they plait is heavy, it is advisable to go for human hair that has a very light texture.

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