Perfect shoes to wear

Perfect shoes to wear for the corporate world

Shoes are meant to bring comfort, that is why you need to go for a perfect shoe.There are some perfect shoes that will elevate your  corporate dresses without compromising your comfort.

  • Loafers:Loafers are usually worn by men, women and children. They are shoes that  have low heel or no heel, they are sometimes called slipped on because they do not have lace and are slipped on foot. Loafer shoes vary, they include penny loafers, tassel,Gucci, Moc loafer. Men can blend loafers shoes with khaki and chords.  For the ladies it can be worn with a shirt combined with a pencil skirt or pant trousers to the corporate world.
  • Court shoe:A court shoe which can also be known as pump shoe. This shoe was derived in the 17th and 18th century. It is majorly made by patent material. Pump shoes are a perfect match for your outfit, whether formal or casual. This set of shoes makes a person taller and makes the foot more defined. Court shoes suit a variety of outfit styles, although, this will depend on the outfit  you match them with.
  • Ankle Boot :This shoe became popular at the university of oxford in 1804, they are very reliable and make one look smart.Ankle boots were made from fragile materials such as silk, satin  and leather. The easiest type of ankle boot to match with your work wardrobe is the

high heeled bootie. They’re less casual and work great with pencil skirts and sheath dresses, whereas lower heeled ankle boots are more difficult to pair with these business casual options .

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